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@ -140,6 +140,25 @@ You can also manually specify an output format to use:
fif -O powershell ~/Documents > output.ps1
#### The `--fix` flag
If, however, you'd rather have fif fix the misnamed files itself, rather than relying on a shell script, you can use
the `--fix` flag:
# rename any misnamed .jpg files in the user's pictures directory
fif ~/Pictures --fix -e jpg
# fix any misnamed files found in the user's downloads
fif ~/Downloads --fix
By default, fif will avoid taking any potentially destructive actions (renaming a file to a name that already exists).
This behaviour can be disabled with the `--overwrite` flag, which will instead prompt you to overwrite the existing
file. fif will also prompt you to retry on errors.
For more information on how the `--fix` flag works, and how it behaves in conjunction with the `--overwrite` flag
and `--prompt` parameter, see [the corresponding wiki page](
### Logging
By default, fif will log any info, warnings, and errors encountered during execution. This can be changed with the `-v`

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Where's the documentation?
If you're looking for documentation on fif, try checking...
- The built-in help documentation, by running `fif --help`
- [The usage section in the README file](, for a
brief overview of fif's functionality and how to use it
- [The wiki](, for more detailed information on fif's behaviour
- [](, for information pertaining to fif's internals