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# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: 2021-2022 Lynnesbian
# SPDX-License-Identifier: CC0-1.0
set -e
source "$HOME"/.cargo/env || true
if [ "$1" == "ci" ]; then
# deny on warnings when running in CI
elif [ "$1" == "nightly" ]; then
# allow find to fail
find . -name '*.rs' -exec touch "{}" \; || true
_backends=( "xdg-mime-backend" "infer-backend" )
for backend in "${_backends[@]}"; do
cargo $_ver clippy --tests --features="$backend" -- \
-W clippy::nursery \
-W clippy::perf \
-W clippy::pedantic \
-W clippy::complexity \
-W clippy::cargo \
-W clippy::style \
-W clippy::float_cmp_const \
-W clippy::lossy_float_literal \
-W clippy::multiple_inherent_impl \
-W clippy::string_to_string \
-A clippy::unused_io_amount \
-A clippy::redundant_closure_for_method_calls \
-A clippy::shadow_unrelated \
-A clippy::option_if_let_else \
-A clippy::multiple-crate-versions \
-A clippy::must_use_candidate \
-A clippy::missing_panics_doc \
-A clippy::missing_errors_doc \
# unused_io_amount: there are two places where i want to read up to X bytes and i'm fine with getting less than that
# redundant_closure...: the alternative is often much more verbose
# shadow_unrelated: sometimes things that seem unrelated are actually related ;)
# option_if_let_else: the suggested code is usually harder to read than the original
# multiple_crate_versions: this doesn't actually trip right now, but it's not something i would want CI to fail over
# must_use_candidate: useless
# missing_panics_doc: the docs are just for me, fif isn't really intended to be used as a library, so this is unneeded
# missing_errors_doc: ditto