The Jekyll source directory used to build my personal website.
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  2. title: "Welcome!"
  3. layout: default
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  5. <picture id="bune">
  6. <source type="image/webp" srcset="/assets/img/bune.webp">
  7. <img id="bune" src='/assets/img/bune.png' alt="A drawing of a rabbit with brown-tipped ears sniffing the air excitedly!">
  8. </picture>
  9. <h1>Henlo!</h1>
  10. <p>
  11. I'm Lynne. My interests include creating free software, writing about computers and other things, and spending time with my partners!
  12. </p>
  13. <p>
  14. I write the <a href="">Bune City Blog</a>, which is mostly about computers, but occasionally goes into other topics. I also post on the Fediverse from my account, <a href=""></a>.
  15. </p>
  16. <p>
  17. I provide a Searx instance <a href="">here</a>, which you can use to search the web for pages, images, files, and more. I also provide a few <a href="">mirrors</a> of small apt repositories.
  18. </p>
  19. <p>
  20. My public PGP key is available <a href=''>here</a>, hosted on Keybase. I have proven ownership of via <a href=''>DNS</a>, so you can be sure it's really me.
  21. </p>
  22. <p>
  23. I live in Queensland, Australia, meaning that my timezone is AEST, or UTC+1000. Queensland does not observe daylight savings time. If it seems like I'm always up at weird hours, that's probably why.
  24. </p>
  25. <p>
  26. The Jekyll source directory used to build this site is available <a href=''>here</a>, although I can't see anyone getting much use out of it.
  27. </p>
  28. <!-- psst... try running `curl` ;) -->