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"thoughts": {
"plain": [
"This park is really clean and tidy.",
"The scenery here is wonderful.",
"Great scenery!",
"The jumping fountains are great.",
"The music is nice here.",
"I'm not hungry.",
"I'm not thirsty.",
"I want to go home.",
"I'm hungry.",
"I'm thirsty.",
"I need to go to the toilet.",
"I feel sick.",
"I feel very sick!",
"I'm running out of cash!",
"I've spent all my money.",
"I'm tired.",
"I'm very tired.",
"Help! I'm drowning!",
"Help! Put me down!",
"I can't find the park exit!",
"The vandalism here is really bad.",
"The litter here is really bad.",
"This path is disgusting!",
"It's too crowded here.",
"I'm lost!",
"Wow, a new ride's being built!",
"I can see my house from here!"
"rides": [
"{} was great!",
"{} is really good value!",
"I'm not going on {} while it's raining!",
"I can't afford {}.",
"I can't find {}!",
"I'm not paying that much to go on {}!",
"I want to get off {}!",
"I'm not going on {} - it isn't safe!",
"I've been queueing for {} for ages."
"thrilling-rides": [
"Just looking at {} makes me feel sick!",
"{} looks too intense for me!"
"gentle-rides": [
"I want to go on something more thrilling than {}."
"items": [
"I can't afford {}.",
"I'm not paying that much for {}!"
"items-edible": [
"I've not finished my {} yet."
"items-other": [
"I've already got a {}."
"stalls": [
"I can't find {}!"
"item-stall": [
"This {} from {} is really good value!"
"objects": {
"thrilling-rides": [
"Wooden Roller Coaster",
"Wooden Wild Mouse",
"Steel Mini Roller Coaster",
"Mine Train Coaster",
"Looping Roller Coaster",
"Stand-up Roller Coaster",
"Corkscrew Roller Coaster",
"Suspended Swinging Coaster",
"Mini Suspended Coaster",
"Bobsleigh Coaster",
"Reverse Freefall Coaster",
"Vertical Drop Roller Coaster",
"Side-Friction Roller Coaster",
"Virginia Reel",
"Reverser Roller Coaster",
"Wild Mouse",
"Twister Roller Coaster",
"Heartline Twister Coaster",
"Flying Roller Coaster",
"Inverted Hairpin Coaster",
"Inverted Roller Coaster",
"Compact Inverted Coaster",
"Air Powered Vertical Coaster",
"Water Coaster",
"Giga Coaster",
"LIM Launched Roller Coaster",
"Lay-down Roller Coaster",
"Mine Ride",
"Mini Roller Coaster",
"Multi-Dimension Roller Coaster",
"Spiral Roller Coaster",
"Hyper Twister Coaster",
"Air Powered Vertical Coaster",
"Flying Roller Coaster",
"Junior Roller Coaster",
"Launched Freefall",
"Pirate Ship",
"Go Karts",
"Swinging Inverter Ship",
"3D Cinema",
"Top Spin",
"Magic Carpet",
"Dinghy Slide",
"Log Flume",
"River Rapids",
"Splash Boats"
"gentle-rides": [
"Miniature Railway",
"Streamlined Monorail Trains",
"Suspended Monorail",
"Haunted House",
"Ferris Wheel",
"Hedge Maze",
"Observation Tower",
"Car Ride",
"Spiral Slide",
"Space Rings",
"Monorail Cycles",
"Crooked House",
"Mini Golf",
"Mini Helicopters",
"Ghost Train",
"Flying Saucers",
"Boat Hire",
"River Rafts",
"Submarine Ride"
"stalls": {
"edible": {
"Fruity Ices Stall": "Fruity Ice",
"Chip Shop": "Chips",
"Pizza Stall": "Pizza",
"Burger Bar": "Burger",
"Drinks Stall": "Drink",
"Candyfloss Stall": "Candyfloss",
"Popcorn Stall": "Popcorn",
"Hot Dog Stall": "Hot Dog",
"Sea Food Stall": "Fried Tentacle",
"Toffee Apple Stall": "Toffee Apple",
"Fried Chicken Stall": "Fried Chicken",
"Coffee Shop": "Coffee",
"Lemonade Stall": "Lemonade",
"Doughnut Shop": "Doughnut",
"Beef Noodles Stall": "Beef Noodles",
"Chicken Nuggets Stall": "Chicken Nuggets",
"Fried Rice Noodles Stall": "Fried Rice Noodles",
"Funnel Cake Shop": "Funnel Cake",
"Ice Cream Cone Stall": "Ice Cream Cone",
"Meatball Soup Stall": "Meatball Soup",
"Pretzel Stall": "Pretzel",
"Roast Sausage Stall": "Roast Sausage",
"Sub Sandwich Stall": "Sub Sandwich",
"Wonton Soup Stall": "Wonton Soup",
"Hot Chocolate Stall": "Hot Chocolate",
"Iced Tea Stall": "Iced Tea",
"Soybean Milk Stall": "Soybean Milk",
"Star Fruit Drink Stall": "Star Fruit Drink",
"Sujeonggwa Stall": "Sujeonggwa",
"Art Deco Food Stall": "Noodles",
"Neptune's Seafood Stall": "Tentacles",
"Toffee Apple Market Stall": "Toffee Apple",
"Witches Brew Soup": "Wonton Soup",
"Lemonade Market Stall": "Lemonade",
"Moon Juice": "Moon Juice"
"other": {
"Balloon Stall": "Balloon",
"Souvenir Stall": "Cuddly Toy",
"Information Kiosk": "Park Map",
"Hat Stall": "Hat",
"T-Shirt Stall": "T-Shirt",
"Sunglasses Stall": "Sunglasses",
"Soft Toy Stall": "Cuddly Toy"