Bandcamp Album Organiser
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bandcamp album organiser - a python script to organise, rename, and apply cover art to zip files downloaded from bandcamp.


./ [zip file] [options]

see the help menu (--help) for more.


the astoundingly easy way

requires pipx. this will run bcao without installing it, and it will be removed from your system afterwards.

pipx run --spec git+ bcao [album]

the very easy way

download bcao.pex and run it:

python bcao.pex [album]

a pex file is a zip that contains everything needed for a python program to run, including its dependencies.

the pretty easy way

requires poetry. installs the package into a virtual environment in the current directory.

git clone
cd bcao
poetry install
poetry run bcao [album]

the other way

you don't have to create a virtualenv, but, y'know, you should and all

git clone
cd bcao
virtualenv venv
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python -m bcao [album]

building it yourself