The Jekyll source directory used to build my personal website.
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This is the Jekyll site directory for I can't really see anyone getting much use out of the source for the website, but there's not really a reason not to publish it, so whatever.


This is gonna get complicated, but here goes:

  • The provided HTML and CSS files are licensed under the GNU AGPLv3.
  • favicon.ico and favicon.png are both CC-BY-SA.
  • All files in the /_data and /_projects directories are CC-BY-SA.
  • Files in the /assets/svg/libre-icons directory are licensed under the MIT license, and are sourced from the libreICONS project.
  • JavaScript files (that is, all files with the .js extension) are licensed under the X11 license.
  • All other files are GNU AGPLv3.
  • If files seem to be licensed under two licenses (my bad), assume GNU AGPLv3.

In other words: If you duplicate and re-host this, you need to provide credit to me (probably by linking to this repo). You can use the JavaScript files on your own website without attribution, but using the HTML and CSS files requires that you provide published "source" versions of your changes (i.e. the Liquid template files) with a link back to this repository. You can do whatever you want with the files in /_data and /_projects, provided you provide attribution.