The Jekyll source directory used to build my personal website.
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This is the Jekyll site directory for I can't really see anyone getting much use out of the source for the website, but there's not really a reason not to publish it, so whatever.


This is gonna get complicated, but here goes:

  • The provided HTML, JavaScript, and CSS files are licensed under the Expat license (aka the "MIT license").
  • favicon.ico and favicon.png are both CC-BY-SA.
  • All files in the /_data and /_projects directories are CC-BY-SA.
  • All other files are Expat licensed.
  • If files seem to be licensed under two licenses (my bad), assume Expat.

In other words: You can use the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS content of this website without attribution (although I would prefer it if you did provide attribution). You can also do whatever you want with the files in /_data and /_projects, but you must provide attribution for these files, and any derivative works made with them must also be CC-BY-SA licensed.