really does what it says on the can
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# Generates zathura configuration file, like the original but diffo slightly
source $HOME/.cache/wal/
cat > $HOME/.config/zathura/zathurarc << CONF
set recolor "true"
set completion-bg "$background"
set completion-fg "$foreground"
set completion-group-bg "$background"
set completion-group-fg "$color2"
set completion-highlight-bg "$foreground"
set completion-highlight-fg "$background"
set recolor-lightcolor "$background"
set recolor-darkcolor "$foreground"
set default-bg "$background"
set inputbar-bg "$background"
set inputbar-fg "$foreground"
set notification-bg "$background"
set notification-fg "$foreground"
set notification-error-bg "$color1"
set notification-error-fg "$foreground"
set notification-warning-bg "$color1"
set notification-warning-fg "$foreground"
set statusbar-bg "$background"
set statusbar-fg "$foreground"
set index-bg "$background"
set index-fg "$foreground"
set index-active-bg "$foreground"
set index-active-fg "$background"
set render-loading-bg "$background"
set render-loading-fg "$foreground"
set smooth-scroll true
set window-title-home-tilde true
set statusbar-basename true
set selection-clipboard clipboard
set zoom-step 5
set highlight-color "$color10"
set highlight-active-color "$color9"