really does what it says on the can
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This is just a collection of simple scripts that I've made, mostly for my personal i3 installation and ricing. If you wanna use wal to customise stuff, you might wanna take a look though.


  • - configures the notification server dunst to use colours chosen by pywal whenever run. I use it on startup and from a wal wrapper for when I change the colours. should ideally be put in your $PATH or your dotfiles.
  • viscolourchanger - hooks into wal and cli-visualizer (hereafter vis) to update vis colours to match the generated colourscheme.
  • genzathurarc - updated version from here. It was acting weird on my system so I messed around with it for a bit.
  • wal wrapper - a wrapper for wal to run several of these scripts when called, thus automating the whole colour-changing process. Also available on viscolourchanger page.
  • temperature - this is the first ever rust program I wrote! Im just a proud lil bean. It converts temperatures between Farenheit and Celsius and vice versa.
  • gentermcolour - this regenerates Terminator's config file with the colours of current wal run.